Federation of Indian Micro & Small and Medium Enterprises (FISME), though established in the year 1995, traces its origin to 1967 when the National Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs (NAYE) was established to promote small industries. In the pre – liberalized era (prior to 1991), the agenda of an interventionist and highly protectionist India was adequately met by NAYE. However, post liberalization (after 1991), India needed to adopt a different approach for the promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). Subsequently, in the year 1995, NAYE along with eight state level associations formed FISME to lead SME in the refurbished economic environment.

The national and global changes in the post liberalized era have shaped FISME’s twin objectives of:

1.  Promoting entrepreneurship and facilitating the creation of a competitive environment in the country

2.   Improving the market access for Indian Micro & Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME’s) in India and abroad.

Our main activities can be broadly categorized into the following headings:

1.       Networking and Training –

FISME has signed MoU with like-minded associations in a few countries and also has representatives in some countries. Our partner associations and representatives give us the opportunity to use our extensive network for the development of Indian MSME’s. We regularly organise focused seminars, B2B meetings both within and outside the country, take trade delegations to foreign countries, extend hand-holding support to our members etc.

2.       Research and Publication –

We are continuously involved in research work and strive to apprise our members and partner associations on various trade related issues that attract our attention from time to time. Some of our latest research work can be found in the ‘research & studies’ tab of this website.

FISME is the progressive face of Indian MSMEs and is regarded as such by Government of India. FISME is a member of National MSME Board formed under MSME Act 2006. FISME is well represented in and consulted by SME policy making set-up of the country and also works in close cooperation with major multilateral and bilateral bodies in India such as UNIDO, ILO, UNCTAD, DFID, GTZ etc.
Currently, under the multilateral project Strategies and Preparedness for Trade and Globalization in India supported by UNCTAD, DFID and Ministry of Commerce & Industry, FISME, as a Tier-I partner, is leading 22 provincial SME bodies in 18 states.