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Certificate of Origin (Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs)

Q. What is a Certificate of Origin?

Ans. A Certificate of Origin (CO) is a document which is used for certification that the products exported are wholly obtained, produced or manufactured in India. It is generally an integral part of export documents.

Q. Why is it required?

Ans. India is signatory to World Trade Organization because of which Indian exports are accorded preferential treatment available to all WTO members. Secondly, India has also entered into bilateral and multilateral trade pacts with its trade partners because of which Indian exports get into these countries at concessional import duty regime. In order to avail the preferential treatment, the Indian exporter are required to furnish the proof that the goods manufactured are, indeed, of Indian origin. Hence, the need for Certificate of Origin.

Q. Does it help importers of Indian goods?

And. : Yes. It is a document that helps improve the competitive edge of your exports. It enables your buyers to claim preferential tariff treatment when importing your products under many schemes of preferences such as available under WTO, Generalised System of Preferences (GSP), Commonwealth Preference (CP), Global System of Trade Preferences (GSTP), CO for MFA etc.

Q. Are different Certificate of Origins required by your importers to avail different


Ans. Generally, yes. Your importer will usually tell you the type of Certificate of Origin required by him. The Certificate of Origins could be broadly classified under two categories.

1. Certificate Of Origin ( Preferential)

2. Certificate Of Origin ( Non-Preferential)

Preferential Certificate of Origins as Certificate for Exports for Textile Quota (under MFA), GSP etc. are issued by designated Government Offices.

For most of other countries Non-Preferential Certificate of Origins are required and that are issued by Chamber of Commerce of Industries.

Q. Can any Chamber of Commerce and Industry/ Association issue the Certificate of Origins?

 Ans : No. Only bodies authorized by DGFT, Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry can issue Certificate of Origin. It is important to know which Office/ Chamber of Commerce can issue the Certificate of Origin.


Q. Where from can I find out the list of authorized agencies who can issue Certificate of Origins?

Ans. Handbook of Procedures Vol-1, Export Import Policy (2002-070 issued by Director General of Foreign Trade, Ministry enlists the authorized agencies as below:

Appendix -35 Agencies authorized to issue GSP Appendix -35A Agencies authorized to issue CO for SAPTA and Bangkok Agreement Appendix -35B Agencies authorized to issues Non-Preferential Certificate of Origins (like you can find FISME on app 293 under Delhi)

Q. How can I start getting Certificate of Origins issued from FISME?

Ans : You need to get the Proforma of Certificate of Origin from FISME. Fill it up and submit it along with documents required to be attested (like Invoice and Packing List). You could also download the format from FISMEs site.

 Q. What are the advantages if you get the Certificate issued from FISME?

Ans. There are several advantages:

FISME is open six days a week (open on Saturdays)

Minimum processing time (15 minutes)

Convenient Timings from 9.30 AM to 07.00 PM

FISME Certified documents are authenticated by CPV Division, Ministry of External

  Affairs for purposes of legalization of documents also

Besides Certification, FISME also guides the exporters on the International Trade Law requirements related to Certificate of Origin.

For any other query  please contact: 

Mr. V.N. Sastry
Joint Secretary
Federation of Indian Micro and Small & Medium Enterprises (FISME)
B-4/161 Safdarjung Enclave
New Delhi-110029
Tel : 011-26187948, 26712064
Fax : 011-26109470
Email :,