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Core Business Activities


    Global specialist in the treatment of wastewater.
    Cost effect technology in terms of CAPEX and OPEX when compared to well established technologies such as AAO (Activated Sludge), IFAS, BAFF and MBR both in green field and especially in retro fit scenarios.
    In addition there is a complete range of integrated technologies, equipment and services for the municipal and industrial units of the water industry.


    Specialising in Air Quality Monitoring and Continuous Emissions Monitoring equipment, systems and services.
    Primarily a systems integrator and service provider; it designs, builds, installs and supports client bespoke “turnkey” AQM and CEM systems on a worldwide basis.
    Core sectors: Power & Utilities, Oil & Gas, Glass, Metals and Waste Incineration.


    Manufacturer and supplier of portable and fixed landfill gas and biogas analyzers.
    Gas analysis is only part of a full range of environmental monitoring equipment that Geotech can supply, including QED AP pumps for product removal and level control.
    Offers total support package to all our customers.


    Halcrow delivers planning, design and management services for developing infrastructure and buildings worldwide.
    Contribute to the construction, operation and maintenance of the built environment, and the protection, enhancement and maintenance of the natural environment.
    Takes care of every element of an infrastructure project from pre-planning through to delivery and on-going maintenance and management.
    Regenerate urban environments, protect communities from flooding, and design the roads, bridges and buildings.



    Licenses and establishes joint ventures, Build Operate Transfer (BOT), and finances the development of renewable energy applications in commercially viable operations.
    The intention is to establish a joint venture with suitable partners in India that can become the representative office of the group and develop regional and sustainable companies delivering renewable energy solutions.


    Global firm of designers, engineers, planners and business consultants.
    Expertise includes capabilities relating to all aspects of water, resource and waste management, from early feasibility studies and strategy formulation, development planning, environmental assessment and permitting, to detailed design and engineering of water and waste infrastructure facilities and delivery including procurement, operation and maintenance.
    Covering all aspects of water cycle including:
      Asset Management Planning and Strategic Business services;
      River engineering, flood defence and land drainage;
      Sewerage and wastewater treatment;
      Water resources, treatment and  distribution;
      Water management strategy and infrastructure planning
    10,000 diverse projects running concurrently.


    Manufacturers of innovative and effective products for water treatment, hygiene and environmental care with an extensive range of chlorine dioxide systems.
    Actively involved in developing microbial biotechnology, insect repellents, insecticidal textiles and consumer product ingredients.
    Provides businesses solutions to industries like Agriculture, Aquaculture, Buildings Services, Food Processing, Formulators, Healthcare, Horticulture, Industrial, Water Treatment, Retail Markets
    Committed to research and development and makes strategic investments in other companies and projects.
    Currently looking into providing services for the cooling towers, making it energy efficient by use of our biocides.
    Provides solutions for removal of bacteria and virus from water meant for drinking.


    Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM) is a leading planning, engineering, sciences and project delivery firm with more than 6,500 staff globally.
    The company delivers a positive and enduring impact on the world and aim to plan, design and deliver innovative projects for clients, communities and the environment.
    SKM has been successfully delivering a breadth of projects for clients through 4 Business verticals:
      Buildings & Infrastructure          
      Water & Environment                             
      Power & Energy                            
      Mining & Metals