Past Event

Date : 14 Mar to 14 Mar 2017
Place : New Delhi
Organised by : FISME

FISME’s presentation before Members of Parliament

Anil Bhardwaj, Secretary General of Federation of Indian Micro and Small & Medium Enterprises (FISME) was invited to make a presentation before a section of Members of the Parliament on the challenges faced  by Indian MSMEs. 

Elucidating on various initiatives taken by successive governments to protect and promote MSMEs, he sought assistance of MPs in resolving four major issues namely continuously rising cost of compliance of Labour laws, problems in MSMEs’ access to finance, Public Procurement  related issues and the need for a Grievance redressal cum feed-back mechanism at all levels of government.

Demanding a push for second generation reforms, he said, that post liberalization, all MSME products were subjected to discipline of imports and MSMEs needed to survive global competition which they could not if their factor markets comprising of raw materials, finance, land and labour continued to be shackled and uncompetitive.

Hon’ble Members of Parliament who participated in the discussions included Mr. Vincent H Pala, Mr. R. Radhakrishnan, Mr. Rabindra Kumar Jena and Mr. Richard Hay from the Lok Sabha and Mr. Vikas Mahatme, Mr. Harivansh,  Md. Nadimul Haque, Mr. Rangasayee Ramakrishna, Mr. Derek O Brien, Ms. Anu Aga and Ms. Dola Sen from the Rajya Sabha.

The MPS also wondered why the woes of MSMEs are not raised by apex chambers. They asked PRs to organize more such interactions in future.

The interaction was  organized by New Delhi based PRS legislative an independent research institute set up to make the Indian legislative process better informed, more transparent and participatory.